Our Home on Canvass – Kayla Weber Art

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson




We’ve lived in many places over the years but it wasn’t until the closing of our home 2 years ago this August that we felt like we were truly settled and “at home”.  We wanted to find a home that would instill a desire to really dig our roots in…a home that we could foresee ourselves living in for a long time.

Our house hunt did not come easy…in fact, there were lots of ups and downs and I’m pretty sure a tear or two along the way.  The real estate market in Nashville and the surrounding areas has been tough because so many people want to live here.  After all, Nashville is one of the nations fastest growing cities.  At the time that we were in the market nearly two years ago, people were buying homes sight unseen and there were always multiple offers on the table.  It has been a Sellers market and unfortunately for Buyers, not a very easy market to navigate.

We had fallen head over heels for a different home and we made it through the entire process and then WHAM…the appraisal came back and and it was appraised for nearly $50K less than the asking price.  We tried our best to get the Owners to come down but they just wouldn’t budge so we had to cease our contract and get right back into the market, having lost precious time looking at potential other homes.

The day after we ceased the contract on that home, our agent called us late afternoon on a Tuesday and told us that a house just hit the market in one of the neighborhoods that we were targeting and she said, “I really think you guys are going to LOVE this one”!  We met our agent at the home an hour later and she was right…we really fell in love with the home, more so than the home we had just ceased the contract on.  This was going to be our home…I just new it.  It was perfect and it was far more than we could have imagined.  It was nestled in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of young families within walking distance from school.

We put in an offer the same night and prayed and prayed and prayed about it.  Having felt a little heartbroken and discouraged over the other home, we just felt like that happened to simply bring us to this home.  The other home was not meant to be and this one was.  I envisioned it all…our children playing outside, family holidays, friends, etc. I just knew that it would all work out.

Our offer was accepted…YAY and now comes all of the other steps.  We tried not to get our hopes up until the home was appraised because after all, that is where we were letdown previously so staying level-headed is the best we could do.  Ha!  That was so hard to do because I lead with my heart and often times can’t think rationally.

Patience, prayer, and faith were all that we needed because everything went well, very few tiny bumps along the way, and this beautiful new home in the most perfect neighborhood was finally ours…CHEERS!!!  I get emotional just writing this because our experience was such a true testament to believing that all things happen for a reason and that God knows what is best for us.  This home was meant to be ours and before long we closed on our new home and moved in!!!

I share all of this with you because today’s post is about the beautiful home artwork that Kayla Weber did of our home!  Kayla is such a talented artist and her work is absolutely stunning.  I knew I wanted a painting of our home…a way to honor new home and one way to symbolize digging our roots in.

Working with Kayla was a pleasure.  I took video of our home and sent pictures of all angels and she created a piece of art that showcases our home exactly as it is and in such a beautiful way.  This painting is truly one of my most prized “possessions” if you will.  It symbolized everything I hope for and dream of for my family.  It symbolizes the start of a beautiful book with some many life chapters.  This was a new beginning for us and this very special piece of art commemorates that.

If you are looking for a special piece of artwork for your home…you should check out Kayla’s work.  A home painting is an incredibly special gift for your home, for your parents, for a friend, for a child who has bought their first home, etc.  It is personal and it will be something that you (or someone else if gifting it) will cherish for a lifetime.

Who would you gift this personalized painting to?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!